Why does downtown Jellico look so rundown?

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The downtown area needs a makeover. There's hardly any stores, and basically all it has is Veteran's park with drug addicts and toothless women asking for cigarettes, or selling batteries. I'm real awful sorry, but that's the truth. Some of ya'll just don't want to accept it. Why doesn't the community try to help its own? There's nothing for young people to do in Jellico, but take drugs. All the old people care about is keeping everything like it was in the 70s and having bake sales. No wonder nothing ever changes. Jellico, the place where dreams go to die.

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I know right!!! Most people try to leave after high school. But I'm stuck here. Everything in Jellico is run by the same lousy families. How many good jobs are taken all because their daddy runs it, or they have an uncle that works there, or their mom got them the job (and they can't/won't be fired! ) Good, hard working people don't stand a chance around here. It makes me sick to my stomach, it really does!

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Where would you move? Why are you stuck?

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Once loved U

Yes, Jellico is horrible. I'm not too far away in Kentucky but its totally not Jellico, I always thought I was going to find a beautiful young woman to marry from Jellico - and finally a few years ago, I gave up going to Jellico aint planning on go back there looking for a beautiful young woman ever again from Jellico due to,
well well it's exactly just like Orenthaljuice said "THE PLACE WHERE BEAUTIFUL DREAMS GO TO DIE AND NIGHTMARES ARE MADE"

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